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Stroke Wellness Programs


All participants are required to get an initial assessment to get a baseline of overall physical fitness and then be placed in appropriate class level. 

Each assessment is approximately 45-60 minutes and measures cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and balance. Let's schedule your Assessment.


60 minute non-contact boxing classes that focus on improving balance, agility, flexibility, strength, endurance and hand-eye coordination to help improve symptoms that people with Parkinson's Disease deal with on a daily basis and improve overall quality of life.

Rock Steady Boxing

Non-contact boxing classes that focus on improving balance, agility, flexibility, strength, endurance and hand-eye coordination for neurological disorders to help improve overall quality of life.


Tai-Chi studies have shown these programs are effective in helping to prevent falls. It is low impact, weight bearing, and aerobic. It helps improve physical condition, muscle strength, coordination and flexibility. Other benefits include improving balance, decrease risk for falls and help improve sleep!

Tai- Chi

Small group cardiovascular conditioning program that is based upon research conducted on the effect of regular, intensive cardiovascular condition to help manage the progression of neurological conditions. Benefits have shown to improve cognition, balance, and overall brain health. Class will use various equipment such as the treadmill, bike, elliptical and other equipment to help build a progressive program overtime.


Class is designed with 8-10 exercise stations that include a variety of challenging exercises that focus on strength, cardiovascular fitness, fine-motors skills, cognition, skill-specific, endurance and balance.


Building and maintaining muscle is important for daily activities such as pulling open the door or getting up from a chair. Classes consist of incorporating different approaches to build muscular strength and endurance to help perform daily functions.


Urban Poling, aka Nordic Walking, has shown to have many benefits such as improvements in stability and mobility. This class is designed to help improve core strength, posture, balance, confidence for walking, and endurance. Class will include exercises incorporating the Activator Urban Poles in the seated and standing position. Class is designed for people living with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart disease, Diabetes or just balance issues in general.

Urban Poling

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