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At the Empowerment Neurofitness & Wellness Center, our mission is to empower those living with and caring for people with neurological disorders to overcome daily challenges through exercise, education, and support!



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We provide a judgment free space offering specialty fitness and wellness programs catered to individuals living with neurological conditions.  We offer a safe space providing quality programs through a culture of caring, compassion, and support that are centered around their condition as well as collaboration within their healthcare team.

Neurological Wellness

Our Vision

To provide compassionate care and support for everyone living with neurological disorders to live rich, full lives.

Multiple Sclerosis Recovery

Our History

Our mission remains the same, but our vision has changed.  What started as Empowerment! Wellness, a small LLC empowering those individuals with Parkinson's disease and MS, we saw a bigger need to help bring quality researched based exercise programs for a variety of neurological disorders to help achieve  a better quality of life!

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Wavy 10 News Story

Check out our story and how we EMPOWER individuals with Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis:

"Empowerment Wellness: Giving new life to Parkinson's & MS communities"

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Multiple Sclerosis Wellness

Ways to Support

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will help to empower individuals living with a neurological disorder through quality research based exercise programs, provide a scholarship program for those that are not able to afford a membership, offer educational resources for both client and caregivers, and more!

Our Partners

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